Friday, November 18, 2011

Boca Grande Workshop Report

Last week I taught a three day still life workshop at the Boca Grande Art Alliance in Boca Grande, FL.  Above is my very brief and very unfinished demo of one of our still life set ups.

Five students participated in the class, most of whom had never painted from life before.  I introduced them to a lot of information, but they were eager to learn and worked very diligently at their easels, as the following pictures show. They all said they had a great time.  I know I did, and I am very proud of the work they did.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Art Alliance for inviting me to give a class, and for making all the arrangements.  Boca Grande is a lovely small island off the coast of Port Charlotte and Venice, on Florida's beautiful west coast.  What a beautiful place to spend three days!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Outside the Box


I'm happy that cooler weather is here (even in Florida), and celebrated by painting these colorful gourds.

I would like to extend a very big thank you to Neil Carroll of London, England, for his wonderful blog post featuring my painting, "Contemplating Blue and Orange".  Neil is a fellow member of the DPW  artist community, who though he claims to be "new" to oil painting, is a very talented.  His lovely still life paintings caught my attention right away when I first encountered them on the DPW site, and I am happy to share one of my favorites with  His chiaroscuro paintings are little gems.

                                    Neil Carroll, "Small Pot"  6"x8"

You can see more of Neil's work at , and on his  DPW gallery.  

One of the things I treasure about being an artist is the privilege of being part of a wonderful community of people who are among the most supportive and generous I have ever encountered; willing to share their knowledge and experience to help in any way.  Neil's blog post is just one of the many examples of this generosity.