Friday, August 29, 2014

Study In The Style of David Leffel

I did this 8x10 study today having been inspired by watching a new video by David Leffel posted on  I set up a similar arrangement to the one in the demo, then played the video while painting my own set up.  It was kind of like having him watch over my shoulder guiding and inspiring me but without the nervousness really having him there would induce.  I listened as I painted and glanced over at the video from time to time.  I approached the painting process in the way he described and am pretty pleased with the way this turned out.  Even though ultimately my own painting style has a different feel and look, I love David's work, and the paint quality he achieves.  I think this was a helpful learning process, and if nothing more, I spent a fun afternoon logging some brush mileage.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

On View in Pinehurst, NC

                                          "Good Fortune" 8x8

                                           "Perfect Pear" 8x8

These paintings will be included in the show "An Evening in France" at Hollyhocks Gallery, 905 Linden Road, in Pinehurst, NC  September 5, 2014 and continuing throughout the month.

Gallery owner, Jane Casnelli, graciously invited me to exhibit them at her gallery having seen them at the Moore County Fine Arts Festival in Southern Pines, where they were exhibited during the month of August.